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Media: Education

The New York Times

"New Guidelines Cover Opioid Use After Children’s Surgery", November 30, 2020, (link)
"Helping Teenagers Quit Vaping", October 14, 2019, (link)
"Johnson & Johnson’s Brand Falters Over Its Role in the Opioid Crisis", August 27, 2019, (link)
"Study Links Drug Maker Gifts for Doctors to More Overdose Deaths", January 18, 2019 (link)
"Binge Drinking Drops Among Teenagers", July 31, 2017, (link)
"When Teenagers Drink, Avoiding the Risks From Driving", March 27, 2017, (link)
"Centers to Treat Eating Disorders Are Growing, and Raising Concerns", March 15, 2016, (link)

The Washington Post

"Sackler legacy is at stake in family’s bid to reinvent Purdue Pharma as a public trust", November 5, 2019, (link)
"Unwise and unnecessary: Opioids for wisdom teeth extractions" March 1, 2019, (link)

"Drug company payments to doctors may influence opioid overdose deaths, study finds", January 18, 2019, (link)
"Study: Doctors received more than $46 million from drug companies marketing opioids", August 9, 2017, (link)

WBZ Boston

"Pediatricians Forced To Balance Patients, COVID Testing, Vaccinations And Staffing Shortages", October 13, 2021, (link)

USA Today

"Back to school: Young kids need COVID testing and lots of it. Why is it so hard to get?", August 8, 2021, (link)

"I'm an addiction doctor. Let Sha'Carri Richardson compete – and stop testing athletes for cannabis", July 4, 2021, (link)

"Don't let George Floyd's substance use muddy the facts in Derek Chauvin trial: Addiction doctor", April 13, 2021, (link)

"Summer means increased risk of dying in car crashes for teens", May 28, 2018, (link)
"FDA approves OxyContin for kids 11 to 16", August 14, 2015, (link)


"How the Child Tax Credit Can Break Cycles of Addiction​", September 9, 2021, (link)

"Drug Companies Hold Enormous Sway Over Our Health Care", June 28, 2021, (link)

"America's Opioid Crisis Has Helped Create a 'Nationwide Epidemic' of Heart Infections Linked to Drug Abuse", September 18, 2019, (link)
"Opioid Crisis: Overdoses Rise after Pharmaceutical Companies Advertise Directly to Doctors", January 18, 2019 (link)


Interview with CNN New Day on  how difficult it can be for families to find COVID testing for young children, August 13, 2021, (video link and transcript)

"The other health crisis the stimulus package will help", March 10, 2021, (link)
"With more money spent marketing opioids, more overdose deaths followed, study says", January 18, 2019, (link)

WBUR Boston

"Study Finds Stimulants Are Increasingly Involved In Overdoses Of Young People", November 23, 2020, (link)

US News & World Report

"Opioid Deaths in Young Americans Often Involve Other Drugs", November 27, 2020, (link)
"Treating America’s Addicted Youth", January 28, 2019, (link)
"Battling Opioid Addiction in Adolescents", August 1, 2019, (link)


"As prescribing for ADHD stimulants rose, so did industry payments to doctors", January 21, 2020, (link)
"Drug maker payments to doctors are linked to higher opioid overdose deaths", January 18, 2019, (link)
Few opioid-addicted youth get standard treatment medication", June 19, 2017, (link)

ABC News

"Doctors fail to help teens quit smoking, study finds", September 23, 2019, (link)
"'Start Here Podcast': Marketing of opioids linked to overdoses", January 21, 2019, (link)
"Few opioid-addicted youth get standard treatment medication", June 19, 2017, (link)

PBS Newshour

"What Oklahoma’s landmark opioid ruling could mean for other states", August 26, 2019, (link)

NPR Morning Edition

"What Time Of Year Are People Likely To First Try Drugs? Summer, Survey Says", July 24, 2019, (link)
"Tighter Alcohol Curbs For All Help Reduce Teen Motor Vehicle Deaths", April 30, 2016, (link)


The Today Show Interview on cannabidiol oil for treatment in children with autism, June 17, 2019, (link)
NBC Nightly News "Inside the Drug Company Accused of Putting Profits Over Patients", October 17, 2018, (link)
September, 2019
"Many Doctors Get Goodies from Opioid Makers", August 9, 2017, (link)


"Teen drivers reaching for objects more likely to crash", March 15, 2019, (link)
"Study links opioid epidemic to painkiller marketing", January 18, 2019 (link)
"Young people with opioid addiction not getting proper treatment", September 10, 2018, (link)
"Most young opioid abusers don’t get anti-addiction medicines", June 19, 2017, (link)

Boston Globe

"To sway doctors, Purdue Pharma turned up the pressure", February 2, 2019, (link)
"Few youths receive medication for opioid addiction, study finds", June 19, 2017, (link)


"The STOP Act Won't Stop Drug Use Or Treat Addiction: Here Are Five Interventions That Will", October 25, 2018, (link)


"Big Pharma Marketing Spending Tied to Opioid Deaths, Study Finds", January 18, 2019 (link)

The Guardian

"US regions where drug companies marketed hit hardest by opioids crisis", January 18, 2019, (link)

Kaiser Health News

"County By County, Researchers Link Opioid Deaths To Drugmakers’ Marketing", January 18, 2019, (link)


"Pharma Spending on Doctors Is Correlated With Opioid Deaths", January 18, 2019, (link)


"The more drugmakers wowed doctors with gifts and lunches, the more people died of drug overdoses, study shows", January 18, 2019, (link)

LA Times

"Did drug company payments to doctors help fuel the opioid epidemic?", May 14, 2018, (link)

Associated Press

"Few opioid-addicted youth get standard treatment medication", June 19, 2017, (link)

Fox News

"Dramatic spike in opioid-related ER visits, hospitalizations, report reveals", June 21, 2017, (link)


"Opioid addiction skyrockets in young adults, but few get treatment meds", June 20, 2017, (link)

CBC Radio National

"Vancouver street youth face 'alarmingly' high risk of hepatitis C", July 25, 2014, (link)

Globe & Mail

"Study pinpoints hepatitis C risk for Vancouver street youth", July 24, 2014, (link)

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